Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

The inexpensive alternative to painting and acoustical tile replacement.
Ceilings and walls trap odors, smoke, oils, cooking grease, films, nicotine, dust mites and many more unsanitary pollutants. These films reduce light by as much as 60%, dull the appearance of the facility and create an unhealthy environment. Cleanliness also affects employee productivity and customer attitudes. Deep cleaning ceilings and walls will brighten hard floors, make carpets look cleaner and give your facility a healthier, brighter look and show you care about your people and their environment.

The Absolute Solution will safely and effectively clean: Armstrong, Celotex ceiling panels, shasta (plastic) ceilings, pop-corn and textured ceilings, ceiling fixtures, enamel paint, latex paint, sealed and unsealed wood, fabric ceilings, vinyl wallpaper, flocked wallpaper and hundreds or other surfaces, too numerous to mention.

Properly used, The Solution is guaranteed not to harm floors, stainless, synthetic drapes, carpets or furniture. It is non-toxic, bio-degradable, odorless and contains no bleach or heavy oxidizers.

Ceilings and walls are exposed to dirt and dust, cooking oils and grease, and other contaminants. Your heating and air conditioning system can distribute these contaminants throughout your property.

Using LEADING EDGE SERVICES time-tested and industry-approved steps, along with our proprietary cleaning products and methods, LEADING EDGE SEVICES Professionals strive to restore your ceilings and walls without the need to repaint or refinish and to help the entire property smell fresh.

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

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