Deep Detail Equipment Cleaning

We have many years of experience cleaning all types of restaurant equipment and appliances. Often, we can restore your equipment to like-new condition. Most of the time we receive comments about how they did not think their equipment could look like that again. Any gas fueled equipment is cleanable, although it will most likely need to be re-calibrated after the cleaning. Equipment included with this service is ovens, ranges , saute’ stations, fryers, grills and anything else that is impervious to water.

One of the best ways to avoid attracting the attention of health inspectors is to have a cleaning company maintain your equipment and floors
Our Process

We use electric drills, steel brushes, chemicals, steel scrubbers, soak tanks, and old fashioned elbow grease to bring that shiny stainless back and get rid of the encrusted grease and burnt-out look.

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