Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

Ensure a consistently high standard of kitchen cleanliness
Commercial kitchens, and food preparation areas must adhere to stringent legislation governing their condition and hygiene standards. Our comprehensive Kitchen Deep Clean offers the following:

  • Reduce the risk of contamination

  • Reduce the risk of transmitting food borne disease

  • Lower customer complaints

  • Better working conditions for staff

  • Increased Efficiency and Longer Equipment Life

  • Lower maintenance cost

  • Reduced Risk of Fire

  • Possibility of lower insurance premiums

  • Improved Health and Safety environment

  • Comply with Food Hygiene and Kitchen Safety regulation

  • Lower risk of fines and prosecution

  • Increased hygiene

  • Reduce pest infestations

  • Equipment moved and cleaned under and sides

  • All hard to reach spaces cleaned and inspected

  • Lower walls, table legs and baseboards up to three feet

  • All stainless thru out kitchen cleaned and polished

  • Floors dry before opening staff shows up

Failure to meet the hygiene standards set out by the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 can lead to severe fines that can have a negative effect on profitability, as well as on the reputation of the business. In addition, poor cleaning procedures can lead to bacterial contamination, spread of diseases, pest infestations and reduced equipment life.

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