VCT Floor Services

Our results are awesome because we care about high quality and doing the job right. We use premium quality wax with a high percentage of solids to create longer lasting and more brilliant shine with a “like new” appearance. The VCT floor will appear new for a longer period of time and its useful life will increase as a result of our procedure.
We apply 4 coats of high quality wax as opposed to the industry standard of only 2 coats. The 4 coats enable us to maintain the floors instead of stripping them down every six months. Our maintenance procedure takes half the time, saves you money, saves the VCT tile and promotes a clean and healthy business and sales environment. Customers and consumers really appreciate working in a clean location.

  • High solids

  • Superior leveling

  • Wet look gloss

  • Detergent resistant

  • Scuff and black mark resistant

  • Non-Yellowing

  • Non- powdering

A maintenance program can be created and customized for your business and your budget. We are able to save you money by implementing a schedule to simply burnish your floor monthly and scrub and recoat every six months. The scrub takes one to two layers of wax off along with the dirt and soil. At that time we can re-wax and apply 0ne or two layers of new wax. This creates a constant new and clean appearance.

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